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Choosing the Right DUI Lawyer

When you’ve been charged for DUI in Maryland, there is a lot at stake. A guilty verdict can lead to harsh consequences such as jail time, heavy fines, and the loss of your driving privileges. The emotional and financial toll of just a DUI arrest can be difficult enough to manage, but a conviction can be life-changing.

Trying to handle something like this on your own could be a big mistake. Criminal cases are complex, and successfully defending against a DUI charge requires skill and experience. While you need a DUI attorney in your corner, you also need the right one. Here are some tips for choosing the right DUI lawyer to help protect your rights and liberty.

Do Your Research

When you’re thinking of paying for something as important as a defense against legal charges, it is vital that you take a few moments to do some research. A simple web search will tell you a lot about any attorney that you are considering hiring.

Do they have a website that is simple to navigate and tells you about their services? Is there plenty of information about their background and areas of expertise? If you can’t get this information, you have reason to be concerned.

What about former client reviews? One of the best ways to find a good DUI attorney and get peace of mind knowing that you’ve made the right choice is by hearing the experiences of others. You can look at independent review sites and find reviews from many former clients. There are also legal-specific websites you can check such as AVVO. Finally, ask your family and friends who have gone through this experience if they can recommend anyone.

Get a Free Consultation

Most reputable criminal defense attorneys will provide a free consultation so that you can ask questions and discuss your case. Make the most of this time to learn about an attorney’s experience and qualifications. When you meet with a Maryland DUI attorney that you are considering hiring, some of the questions you might want to ask include:

  • How long have you practiced criminal law in Maryland?
  • What are your other areas of practice? In other words, is the attorney a “jack of all trades” or do they focus solely on criminal law?
  • How many DUI cases have you handled in the past?
  • Will you personally handle my DUI case, or will it be handed off to someone else in the office?
  • What are the possible defenses for a DUI case like mine?
  • Do you know the DUI sentencing options in the location where my case will be heard?
  • Can you help resolve administrative driver’s license issues in addition to dealing with DUI charges?
  • How much will it cost to defend my DUI case?

If you are attending a consultation with more than one DUI attorney, weigh the answers to these questions carefully. In the end, you should choose the attorney that treats you with respect and patience and who makes you feel the most comfortable. While no attorney can make promises about the outcome of a case, you should leave a meeting with confidence that your matter will be in the best hands possible.

Super Lawyers Designation

This a prestigious designation in which attorneys must pass a multiphase selection process. There is a combination of peer nominations, evaluations, and independent research that goes into achieving this designation. Each candidate is evaluated on a dozen peer recognition and professional achievement indicators.

Selections are made by state annually. The goal is to create a credible, diverse, and comprehensive list of exceptional attorneys that are available for those looking for qualified representation. Jonathan Fellner, Attorney at Law, has consistently made this list over the past five years.

Speak with a Qualified and Experienced Maryland DUI Attorney

At Jonathan Fellner, Attorney at Law, we are confident that you will choose our firm if you are looking for a Maryland DUI attorney that will aggressively represent your interests. Our legal team has been successfully defending these types of cases throughout the Maryland and Washington D.C. area for more than 15 years.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested for DUI, don’t try to figure this out on your own. Contact our Rockville office now at (301) 265-3557 to schedule your free consultation to discuss your case.

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