From DUI to domestic violence, theft to drug crimes, I’ll help you win.


Jonathan Fellner helped me get out of jail and helped me stay out of jail in the worst time of my life. My wife had put me in jail for personal reasons that had nothing to do with the law. She manipulated the system and the police believed her. Mr. Fellner was the only person who believed in my innocence. Through his hard work and investigation of the charges, we won the case and all charges were dismissed. Mr. Fellner also worked with me on a payment plan so I could fight the charges. He is the only attorney that I would have defend me again.— David U.
The Police stopped me for no reason and found weapons and drugs. Mr. Fellner convinced the judge that the stop was illegal and violated my rights. All of the evidence was suppressed and we won my case. I highly recommend Mr. Fellner for criminal cases, especially in cases where the police do not have a reason for stopping you but do so anyway.— Sam R.
Mr. Fellner has helped me on more than 3 cases since 2007. Each time we went to court, we won after trying the case, or after he convinced the prosecutors to drop the charges. I have used other lawyers in the past but what I like best about Mr. Fellner is that he really listens to my perspective and also thoroughly investigates the case. Unlike some lawyers, he is not rushing to plead you guilty and takes the time to know you and your charges. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer.— M. E.
I would highly recommend Jonathan Fellner as a criminal defense attorney. He exceeded my expectations and did not charge me an "arm and a leg" to do so. His knowledge of law and his connections in the courtroom achieved above and beyond the desired outcome. — Robert D.